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2020 Issue #1 – Digital Services Taxes

2020 Issue #2 – Threats to Section 230

2020 Issue #3 – Gig Work Regulation

2020 Issue #4 – App Store Antitrust

2020 Issue #5 – Force Payments to Media Companies

Issue #6 – TikTok and WeChat Bans

2020 Issue #7 – Google Antitrust Investigations

2020 Issue #8 – Amazon Antitrust Concerns

2020 Issue #9 – Social Media Content Moderation

2020 Issue #10 – U.S. Privacy Law

What Does President Biden Mean for the Top 10 Digital Policy Issues

Amazon Now Faces Two EU Antitrust Investigations

Google Makes a FitBit Bid for EU Approval

Court Hearing Hints at Fortnite Not Getting Back Into App Store

Under Fire Apple Bends on Payments for Facebook Live Events

CFIUS Popping Up on Digital Platform Policy (China!)

Gig Worker Unemployment Program Hurt By Fraud

What Are The Five Eyes?

UK Digital Services Tax Leads to Google UK Fee Increase

Google and Facebook React to Australia Media Payments Scheme

Department of Justice is Focused on Facebook Encryption Plans

Digital Competition Policy Developments in Japan and Korea

U.S. Government Concerns with TikTok and Chinese Digital Companies in U.S.

Google-FitBit Raises Digital Acquisition Competition Policy Questions

Platforms Reluctant to Regulate Political Speech

Understanding the Two European Court Decisions

U.S. Privacy Update – Federal and California

Update on Australia Targeting the Digital Giants – October 2019

Competition Authorities Asking for Information from Digital Competitors

Global Competition Investigation Overview – October 2019

Facebook Independent Content Moderation Oversight Board

Uber Faces Class Action “Gig Worker” Lawsuit in California

Digital Giants Competition Overview – There Is A Lot!

Margrethe Vestager Appointed to Second EU Competition Term

California Consumer Protection Act Update

Digital Services Taxes in France – A Deal With the U.S.?

Facebook U.S. Political Ads Policy Change Likely to Raise Moderation Questions

State Attorneys General Planning to Join Antitrust Investigations of Digital Giants

Digital Services Taxes – An Update on France and Beyond

European Online Job Search Businesses Petition Vestager for Relief from Google

Update on Australia’s on Landmark Digital Social Media Regulatory Proposal

Reviewing Major Internet Platform Bills in U.S. Senate

French Legislature Debating New Social Media Platform Moderation Law

State Sales Tax Digital Marketplace Collection Closing Foreign Retailer “Loophole”

Gig Labor Regulation – California Assembly Bill 5 News and Global Context

What to Make of Big Tech Being a Topic in the First Democratic Debate

Regulating Persuasive Internet Tools & the 100 Million User Threshold

Neutral Political Content Moderation and Section 230

U.S. Congress Update – May, 2018

The Canadian Digital Charter Proposal

Digital Labor Platforms Accepting Tax Collection in Mexico

What Is Section 230 Supposed To Do?

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